Growing Tips

Microgreens nutrition

Did you know that microgreens are more nutrient-dense than their fully mature vegetable counterparts? We take a look at microgreens nutrition levels.

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How to grow basil

Growing basil is easy. Here’s where to position your plant, plus watering & feeding tips, as well as pest advice. Bonus tip: our special picking method makes basil more lush & bushy!

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How to revive and re-grow a basil plant

Check out this video to see how I turn a yellow, dried out, unappetising basil plant into a lush, tender plant in just a few weeks!

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Microgreens recipes & inspiration

Microgreens are a super easy way to add extra nutrition to your meals – plus they make your food look pretty! Here are some yummy ways to use microgreens – and they’re easy to do.

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How to care for your living microgreens

Looking after your living microgreens from Leaf Produce is easy! Here’s how to care for your living microgreens, including a troubleshooting guide.

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How to grow coriander

Coriander can be a tricky herb to grow. Here are the best tips to grow our coriander pots reliably, all year round.

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