Microgreens recipes & inspiration

Microgreens are a super easy way to add extra nutrition to your meals – plus they make your food look pretty!

Here are some yummy ways to use microgreens – and they’re easy to do. 


Komatsuna microgreens on rye bread with smoked salmon, cream cheese, and black pepper:

Komatsuna microgreens on a sandwich

Red radish rambo microgreens with avocado on gluten-free toast:

avocado on toast with red radish rambo microgreens


Rocket (arugula) microgreens would be the obvious choice for pizza. But my customer, Miriam, says pizza is even better with komatsuna microgreens:

Pizza with microgreens


This is my absolute favourite salad. It features sunflower microgreens, which I only grow in the summer months (they don’t fare well over winter, unfortunately). With basil leaves, vine-ripened tomatoes, sweetcorn, cheese (or vegan cheese), salt, pepper, and olive oil. Yum!

sunflower microgreens salad

This simple microgreens salad consists of pea shoots and red radish microgreens with homegrown lettuce leaves, homegrown radishes, and edible flowers. The dressing was just a drizzle of lemon juice (from homegrown lemons), plus organic olive oil:

microgreens salad

Here I added orach microgreens to homegrown lettuce leaves, homegrown radishes, potato cubes, and smoked salmon. The dressing was just a drizzle of lemon juice (from homegrown lemons), plus organic olive oil:

salad with orach microgreens


Wrap with rocket microgreens:

wrap with microgreens

Hint: spicy microgreens go super well with Mexican-style wraps and tortillas. 


Burger with broccoli and orach microgreens (plus pineapple and lettuce, as well as a home-made burger patty):

burger with broccoli and orach microgreens


Cabbage fritter with red cabbage microgreens: 

cabbage fritter with red cabbage microgreens

Here’s where you’ll find the recipe for the gluten-free, Japanese-style cabbage fritters

Microgreens are delicious with any kind of vegetable fritter, e.g. courgette fritters, sweetcorn fritters, and so on. 


Omelette with pea shoots, and a side of tomato chutney:

omelette with pea shoots 


This is my most frequent way of consuming microgreens – adding them to my breakfast smoothie.

It’s such an easy way to get your day off to a nutritious start!

Pea shoots (pictured) and broccoli microgreens are my favourite varieties to add to smoothies. Not only are they mild in flavour, they’re also amongst the most nutritious of microgreens

Smoothie with microgreens 

Hint: Parents with fussy eaters – you can easily sneak microgreens into your kids’ smoothies without them noticing. Adding berries will easily disguise the green.


There’s a reason why microgreens are nicknamed “chef confetti” – chefs love using them! They add colour, flavour, and visual interest to a dish. 

Microgreens garnish at Maha restaurant

They’re not just garnish for chefs though – they can take any meal from plain to fancy, just look at these eggs benedict with kale chinese red microgreens added:

eggs benedict with microgreens 

Cocktail garnish

Microgreens aren’t just for food!

Add them to cocktails and mocktails for next-level presentation. 

microgreens cocktail garnish

We hope that gives you some ideas! As you can see, microgreens are super versatile and really easy to use.

Check out our current microgreens varieties → 


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