Large trays of microgreens are grown to order
Microgreens Large Tray - Custom Grown For You!
Microgreens Large Tray - Custom Grown For You!
Microgreens Large Tray - Custom Grown For You!
Microgreens Large Tray - Custom Grown For You!
Microgreens Large Tray - Custom Grown For You!
Leaf Produce

Microgreens Large Tray - Custom Grown For You!

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Eating healthily has never been this convenient


Microgreens are ready-to-eat (no prep) baby vegetable shoots with 4 to 40 times the nutrition of fully grown veg – and they’re super tasty, too.

Because microgreens are so nutrient dense, it means that just a few servings of microgreens in your diet can really help boost your health.

The microgreens range from Leaf Produce is spray-free, and grown in the glorious natural daylight of the Bay of Islands. Our microgreens are spray-free, and raised in a growing medium that's free from artificial/chemical fertilisers.

Our microgreens grown to order, with a lead time of 2-3 weeks - be sure to select your delivery date, above.

Microgreens are supplied as living plants, in large trays (28 x 33cm), ready for you to snip and use in your food. They are great in sandwiches, smoothies, omelettes, wraps, or as garnish on any dish.

And if you’re in our delivery area, you can get them delivered for just $5. Deliveries are on Thursdays. And you can get $2 back for any of our trays that you return in good condition. (No need to wash them, but no broken plastic please.)

Click here to see the delivery area map. Deliveries will be contactless.

Not in our delivery area? You are welcome to pick up your order from our farm gate in Kerikeri. Pickups are on Tuesdays (9am to 5pm).

Varieties available to order

  • Broccoli: They’re green, taste of broccoli, and are incredibly good for you. They’re also super versatile and go great with just about any dish. There's also the option for organic broccoli microgreens - see below.
  • Komatsuna: The perfect choice for the indecisive: it's a little spicy, but not too much. It's both red and green. It's got everything - including lots of nutrients!
  • Pea Shoots: Also known as pea feathers or pea tendrils, every stem is like a crazy little work of art with its curly tendrils. Kids find them fun to eat.
  • Red Radish: So pretty! So tasty! Radish microgreens turn a salad, sandwich or wrap from ordinary to extraordinary.

Organic broccoli microgreens

There is a premium option for organic broccoli microgreens. These have been grown from BioGro organic certified seeds, in BioGro organic seed mix. Broccoli microgreens contain sulforaphane, which has anti-cancer properties. So if you're eating broccoli microgreens for this reason, then organic is the way to go.


The delivery date of your microgreens will be in your Order Confirmation email: the lead time is 2-3 weeks, depending on the variety and time of year.

I will email you again a day or two before your delivery is due, to remind you that your microgreens will be arriving.

In the meantime, here’s are tips on how to care for your living microgreens.

I’m looking forward to supplying you with fresh, healthy microgreens!


PS. We love getting our plastic trays back!

Get a gold coin ($2) for every tray you return to us in good condition!

There's no need to wash the trays - and it's up to you whether you leave the growing mix inside, or use it in your garden... if you leave the growing mix, it will get re-used in our garden.

We just ask that the trays aren't broken, please.

Returned trays are washed and sanitised before being re-used.

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