How do I look after my coriander plant?

Here’s our coriander growing guide.

How do I look after my basil plant?

Here’s our basil growing guide.

How do I look after and grow good parsley?

Although parsley is classed as biennial (i.e. it’s not meant to go to seed till its second year), I’ve found that in reality in Northland conditions it often goes to flower in its first year. So if you’re a parsley lover, plan on replenishing your plants yearly for a steady supply.

Parsley thrives in spring and autumn in this part of the world, where there’s a bit of sun – but not too much heat – plus regular rain. In winter, it slows right down: we’ve found it does quite well in our polytunnel during the cooler months. It’s definitely not a fan of our hot, dry summers: the best thing to do is to have it partially shaded, and water it regularly – daily if you can. We keep much of our parsley in large containers that can be moved around according to the seasons, to try and keep it happy and productive.

How do I look after my living microgreens?

Here’s our microgreens care guide.

Can I plant out my microgreens?

You can, but most of them don’t grow into great plants. For example, red radish doesn’t actually produce any radishes; and while the pea shoots have nice, tasty stems, the peas they produce are horrible!

Our advice is to eat and enjoy the microgreens as they are. 🙂

Do microgreens re-grow?

No, most microgreens won’t regrow (apart from pea shoots, if you don’t snip them too low down). But you may get some slow germinators come through.

Are you spray-free/organic/etc.?

We grow as naturally as we can, because we realise the importance of healthy plants, healthy humans, and a healthy ecosystem. You can read more about our growing philosophy on the About Us page.

What is the delivery/pickup information?

All the info you need is on this page.

Do you offer shipping?

Sorry, it’s not practical to ship plants etc., they would most likely arrive upside down and damaged. That’s why we offer local deliveries and farm gate pickups – here are the details.

Do you re-use the plastic pots? Can we give you used plastic pots?

We love to re-use and recycle plastic pots – but ask that you only return pots that are similar to the ones we use. (Otherwise we accumulate random sized pots that we can’t use, and are better off elsewhere.) Large round pots – especially our red pots – are very welcome. Plus small square pots.

Do you have any questions that haven’t been answered here?

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