Grow your own microgreens

Grow your own microgreens

Congratulations on growing your own microgreens!

We hope you have fun growing your own microgreens. Here are links to resources and tips to help you.

Instruction sheet

Download a copy of the instruction sheet.

Instruction video

The video below demonstrates red radish microgreens. These are the fastest growing variety, so don't worry if yours take a little longer!

Care tips and troubleshooting guide

Find answers to the most frequently asked questions, including microgreens care tips and troubleshooting

Microgreens nutrition information

Microgreens are so very good for you! Discover why microgreens are so good for you.

Microgreens recipes

Need some meal inspiration? Here are some microgreens recipes to get you started.

Buy more DIY microgreens growing kits 

Here's where you can purchase more of our DIY microgreens grow kits. They make great gifts, for people of all ages - including corporate gifts.

Happy growing! 


 Cornelia at Leaf Produce

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