Microgreens in Kerikeri and Bay of Islands

Microgreens are a popular health food, and for good reason: they are more nutrient dense than their fully mature counterparts. Read more about microgreens nutrition here – you will be surprised at just how good these tiny little plants are for you.

Because microgreens are so nutrient dense, it means that just a few servings of microgreens in your diet can really help boost your health.

The microgreens range from Leaf Produce is spray-free, and grown in the glorious natural daylight of the Bay of Islands, rather than LED or fluorescent lights, which is the industry standard.

No wonder our microgreens are bursting with flavour, with all that lovely light!

Microgreens range as at September 2020

You can find a selection of our microgreens at our market stall, sold as living punnets for $3 each. More varieties will be added later in Spring.

The following shows our full range of microgreens - these can be grown to order in large trays. (Sorry, we don't grow small punnets to order - if you'd like small punnets, the best thing to do is to get to our market stall early for the best selection!)

How to order large trays of microgreens: Our most popular varieties can be ordered from this website. If you don't see the variety you'd like, please drop me a line at cornelia@fxmarketing.co.nz

Broccoli (Green) *

They’re green, taste of broccoli, and are incredibly good for you. They’re also super versatile and go great with just about any dish.

Chrysanthemum *

Tastes the way Chrysanthemums smell! Also known as Shungiku.

Coriander *

Coriander (cilantro) microgreens are the perfect size for garnishing a special dish.

Komatsuna *

The perfect choice for the indecisive: it’s a little spicy, but not too much. It’s both red and green. It’s got everything – including lots of nutrients!

Orach *

Also known as Mountain Spinach, these pretty red microgreens turn every dish into a masterpiece – but without dominating the flavour.

Pea Shoots *

Also known as pea feathers or pea tendrils, every stem is like a crazy little work of art with its curly tendrils. Kids find them fun to eat.

Red Radish Rambo *

So pretty! So tasty! Radish microgreens turn a salad, sandwich or wrap from ordinary to extraordinary.

Red Cabbage *

With a violet stem and lush dark green leaves, who knew that cabbage could be so glamorous?!

Rocket *

Get that distinctive tangy, peppery flavour in a small garnish-friendly leaf.


Please note that lead times vary according to the microgreen variety, and the time of year – please contact me for more details: cornelia@fxmarketing.co.nz

More microgreens varieties will be available later in Spring!

More yummy varieties will be available in summer! Be sure to follow us on Instagram or Facebook to get all the latest announcements. 

Why buy microgreens as living plants?

  1. Large trays of microgreens, measuring approx. 28 x 33cm are grown to order.Longer shelf life.
  2. The flavour is retained.
  3. Nutrients are retained.
  4. No single use plastic packaging. (The small punnets are made from starch and very compostable; and the larger plastic trays are reused.)

How to care for your living microgreens

Here’s where you can find full details on how to care for your living microgreens.

How to order your microgreens direct

Ordering your microgreens is easy! We grow them to order in large trays, measuring approx. 28 x 33cm, and are supplied as living plants. 

Click here to order online.

Our best sellers are on that page – if you’re interested in varieties that aren’t listed, just drop me a line at: cornelia@fxmarketing.co.nz

Cornelia – the grower at Leaf Produce