Winter Click & Collect

Leaf Produce grows green goodies all year round, but our market season finishes in autumn. In winter, we offer a click-and-collect service from our farm gate, which is 1.5km from Kerikeri town centre.

We don't know exactly when our market season will finish: it depends on customer demand, and also the weather. Things that are impossible to predict!

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How the Winter Click & Collect service works

  1. I do a crop check on Thursday afternoon, and will estimate what I have available and put it on this website. You'll receive an email once the crop list is live and updated (which is why it's important to sign up to our email updates, above!).

  2. You can then place your order online, and pay using our ecommerce system. This accepts credit cards or direct credit payments. You have until midday Friday to place your order. First in, first served!

  3. Your order will be picked fresh for you on Friday. If for any reason I've over-estimated my crops, and don't have enough to fulfil your order, be assured that you'll get a refund for anything I can't deliver.

  4. Pickup is on Saturdays, 9am to 5pm from our chiller. You'll be given exact directions on where to go, but we're 1.5km from Kerikeri town centre, on Kerikeri Inlet Road. The whole process is contactless.

  5. You get to enjoy the freshest possible goodies, that have been custom picked especially for you!



Cornelia – the grower at Leaf Produce