Cat Grass – Custom Grown For Your Kitty!


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Cat grass can be a wonderful aid to cats’ digestion, by providing them with extra nutrients and fibre. It can also help prevent the build up of hairballs in the stomach.

The benefit of giving them specially-grown cat grass to nibble on is that you can be assured this is safe: it’s spray-free, and grown in a medium free from artificial chemical fertilisers. 

Cat grass is a generic term for a number of grasses that can be beneficial to cats. This particular cat grass is wheat grass. (Which is the same kind of wheatgrass that humans use for juicing, so you know it’s the good stuff!)

The cat grass will last for a week or more. Keep it in natural light, and water daily – ideally with a spray bottle. (Do not over water, as this causes mould.) 

Of course, cats can be finicky, so not all of them will take to cat grass, but many of them do. Your kitty may just love having a little garden all to itself!

You may want to consider ordering a regular supply if your cat loves it.

The punnets of cat grass are grown to order, with a lead time of approximately 2 weeks – be sure to select your delivery date, above. 

And if you’re in our delivery area, you can get the cat grass delivered for just $5. Deliveries are on Thursdays. 

Click here to see the delivery area map. Deliveries will be contactless.

Not in our delivery area? You are welcome to pick up your order from our farm gate in Kerikeri. Pickups are on Tuesdays (9am to 5pm).

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