Limes (Kusaie/Rangpur) 1kg


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Spray-free Kusaie limes, home grown in Kerikeri.

Common names used for the fruit include Rangpur in India, Canton lemon in South China, hime lemon in Japan, cravo lemon in Brazil, Japanche citroen in Java, and Rangpur lime or mandarin-lime in the United States.

Kusaie limes have an intense, sharp flavour but with a sweet, mandarin-like aftertaste. They have a similar flavour profile to the highly sought-after Yuzu limes that are used in Japanese cooking.

An excellent source of vitamin C – and also contain calcium, phosphorus, and potassium.

Fruit size varies from 4cm to 6cm.

I can courier the limes NZ-wide at cost. Please email me ( if you’d like them couriered. Please let me know how many kilograms you’d like plus your address details (and whether urban or rural) so I can obtain a freight quote.


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