Microgreens – Chrysanthemum – DELIVERY THU 26 AUGUST


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Also known as Shungiku. Has a delicious, mild floral flavour.

This is a large tray of living microgreens, measuring approximately 28 x 33cm. 

Grown in a reusable plastic tray – you are welcome to return it to us after the lockdown.

These microgreens are ready now! Contactless delivery will take place on Thursday 26 August.

Check that you’re in our delivery area.

Shipping is free for purchases for orders of $15 or more, use code FREESHIPPING at checkout!

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PS. If you love microgreens, you can order them from us any time – we grow to order, and you can choose your preferred delivery date. Here’s where you can order large trays and also small punnets of microgreens. 



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