Parsley (Italian) – Small Pot


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Petroselinum crispum

Small Italian (flat leaf) parsley plants, approximately 10cm tall or more (excluding the pot), ready for planting in your garden or a larger container.

Don’t keep it in this small pot – parsley develops a big root system (it’s in the carrot family), and will struggle to grow in a small pot, so be sure to give it a nice big pot or growing bed with a good growing medium.

Although parsley is classed as biennial (i.e. it’s not meant to go to seed till its second year), I’ve found that in reality in Northland conditions it often goes to flower in its first year. So if you’re a parsley lover, plan on replenishing your plants yearly for a steady supply.

Parsley thrives in spring and autumn in this part of the world, where there’s a bit of sun – but not too much heat – plus regular rain. In winter, it slows right down: we’ve found it does quite well in our polytunnel during the cooler months. It’s definitely not a fan of our hot, dry summers: the best thing to do is to have it partially shaded, and water it regularly – daily if you can. We keep much of our parsley in large containers that can be moved around according to the seasons, to try and keep it happy and productive.

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