Seed Trays – Perfect For Microgreens


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Durable, re-usable plastic seeds trays – made in New Zealand.

These trays are ideal for seed raising and growing microgreens. (And if you’re looking for microgreen seeds, we have those too – weighed out in the perfect size sachets for these seed trays.)

Or use them as punnet trays to hold seedling pots and punnets. The flat bottom means that pots don’t tip over. (Some similar trays have ribbed or ridged bases, which isn’t so ideal if you’re using the tray to keep pots in.)

The seed trays have drainage holes at the bottom. Top tip: line the seed tray with paper towel to stop the seed mix from falling through. It makes for a less messy seed sowing experience, and it doesn’t affect water drainage.

Exterior measurements approximately 35cm x 29.5cm x 6cm deep.

Colour: black.

Made from recyclable plastic #5.

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