Basil Lemon - Large Pot
Basil Lemon - Large Pot
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Basil Lemon - Large Pot

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Ocimum basilicum

As you may have guessed, lemon basil has a distinct citrus flavour, and is excellent with fish, prawns, or chicken. Or add it to a pasta dish, stir fry, or salad.

Lemon basil is often used in curries, soups and stir fries in Laos. The trick is to add the lemon basil at the end of cooking, just before serving, to preserve the delicate lemon flavour. 

Lemon basil is best served fresh for maximum flavour, i.e. don't keep cut lemon basil in the fridge, and it probably doesn't preserve very well.

Have fun with this incredibly versatile herb.

It's my first year growing this variety of basil, and my experience so far is that it isn't as prone to slug attack as other varieties, so that's definitely another bonus!

Growing tip: snip the basil by cutting a stem part way up; that way it can regenerate from the leaf nodes and re-grow in a way that maintains the bushy shape.

You can either plant the basil out, or into a bigger container, or leave it in the current pot. Just be sure to water it, and give it a regular feed. We've been feeding the basil every few weeks with this organic fertiliser - it's easy to use, just sprinkle some on the soil.

Click here for more basil growing tips.

Grown in a growing media that's free from chemical fertilisers.

Note that basil is an annual plant, which means it will die off over winter.

You are welcome to return the plastic pot to us when you've finished with it.


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