Basil Thai - Large Pot
Basil Thai - Large Pot
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Basil Thai - Large Pot

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Ocimum basilicum

Thai basil has a sweet, anise-like fragrance, and is used extensively in Thai and Asian cuisine. Think: curries, summer rolls, stir fries. 

Its also a beautiful ornamental plant with purple flowers. 

You can either plant the basil out, or into a bigger container. If you leave it in the current pot it will need more regular feeding, as well as regular (daily) watering.

We've been feeding the basil every few weeks with this organic fertiliser - it's easy to use, just sprinkle some on the soil.

Click here for more basil growing tips.

Grown with organic seed in a growing media that's free from chemical fertilisers.

Note that basil is an annual plant, which means it will die off over winter.

You are welcome to return the plastic pot to us when you've finished with it.


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