Coriander - Large Pot
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Coriander - Large Pot

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Coriandrum sativum

Big, luscious coriander (cilantro) pots... Keep one on your kitchen bench, or plant it out - the choice is yours!

Coriander likes being in partial shade, and prefers cooler conditions. Water regularly, but don't stand the pot in water - coriander doesn't like having 'wet feet'. Click here for more coriander growing tips.

The growing media used is free from artificial/chemical fertilisers. If you keep the coriander growing in the red pot it comes in, be sure to feed it with fertiliser from time to time, as per the instructions on your fertiliser.

Need some fertiliser? We've got some!

RecycleYou are welcome to return the plastic pot to us when you've finished with it.

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