Available to buy this month: April & May 2017

Yummy tomatoes - they taste as good as they look!
Yummy tomatoes – they taste as good as they look!

Last of the summer veg

We still have a small supply of summer vegetables:

Tomatoes: colourful heirloom and heritage varieties that taste as good as they look.

French beans: sweet, delicate and tasty stringless beans. They won’t last much longer though!

Chillies: grab them now while they’re in season, and freeze or dry them so you have them at hand to warm up your winter.

Healthy salads

Healthy lunches (and dinners) are easy with fresh, yummy lettuces from Leaf Produce.

Our lettuces are grown in the ground for extra flavour – and you can taste the difference over hydroponic lettuces. Only natural sprays have been used.

As well as crisp, sweet cos lettuces we have a selection of fancy lettuces – come to the Leaf Produce stall at The Old Packhouse Market nice and early for the best selection!

If you’re super quick, you might even be able to grab some rocket – but hurry, this always sells out quickly.


Radishes make a colourful and crunch addition to a salad. Our are freshly picked, grown with only natural sprays, and really yummy. $2 a bunch.

Cucumbers: the green cucumbers available now are a telegraph-style, with a fine crisp flavour and good texture.

Fresh cut herbs

Delicious herbs, with only natural sprays used. $2 a bunch. Choose from:

  • Chives
  • Coriander (cilantro)
  • Kaffir lime leaves
  • Lemongrass
  • Mint
  • Oregano (occasionally available – please check with us for availability)
  • Parsley: curly leaf and Italian (flat leaf)
  • Lovage (coming to an end soon, please check with us if it’s still available)
  • Rosemary
  • Sage
  • Tarragon (the season is coming to an end soon, please check with us if it’s still available)
  • Thyme

Basil and other potted herbs

Want your own herb plant? Individual herbs are $2 for a small pot, or $4 for a big pot.

Hot herbal tea

Tamarillo and mint tea from Leaf Produce.
Tamarillo and mint tea from Leaf Produce.

The days are getting cooler, so grab a warming cup of hot herbal tea from the Leaf Produce stall at The Old Packhouse Market!

I’m experimenting with flavours and seasonal goodies. The tea menu right now is:

  • Tamarillo and mint
  • Kaffir lime leaf and lemongrass
  • Mint

… made from our homegrown herbs.

$3 a cup, or save 50 cents if you bring your own cup. You’ll be happy to know that our takeaway cups, lids, stirrers, etc. are all 100% compostable and don’t contain any plastic. Most are made from by-products in the food industry.

How to buy:

If you can’t make it to the market, you can still buy from me. Email me [cornelia@fxmarketing.co.nz] with:

1. The items you’d like (you can see what’s in season here).
2. The quantity of each item.
I’ll then confirm availability, and the price (to be paid cash on collection).


Collection is BY APPOINTMENT on a Friday afternoon (as this is our harvest day… plus I have other work commitments the rest of the week).

You’ll be given the exact address – it’s at the town end of Kerikeri Inlet Road.

I’m looking forward to supplying you with fresh, healthy produce!


PS. Coming soon:

Visit our stand at The Old Packhouse Market on Saturdays in summer, to see what’s fresh and in season. 🙂

The market runs every Saturday, 8am to 1.30pm at 505 Kerikeri Road, Kerikeri.

Please note that all items are subject to availability.

Get in touch

Any questions? Please contact me, Cornelia, on email at cornelia@fxmarketing.co.nz - or fill in the form.

You can expect to hear from me within 2 business days or sooner.